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Psychologists/Psychotherapists for Future


Dear Newsletter Subscriber,

The year 2021 will be an incredibly important year for our fight against the climate crisis: two council elections, six state elections, and the Bundestag elections in autumn are coming up.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we still have to negotiate many an obstacle. Our energy and zest for action will not be diminished by that though - quite the contrary!
That is why we, the Psychologists/Psychotherapists for Future, have taken on a fair bit of work for 2021. Our new Newsletter Team will collect all relevant news about our activities and send them to you on a regular basis once per quarter.

#FightFor1Point5 – Climate Strike on 19 March 2021

Psychologists/Psychotherapists for Future stand for #FightFor1Point5. How about you?
In less than a week it will be essential to show our presence at the global climate strike. If we do not act now, living conditions on our planet will become catastrophic. That is why we are going on strike - for immediate and forceful action in times of crisis. For our health. For a good life. For climate justice. Worldwide and in compliance with Corona infection protection measures on 19 March. The more participants, the more visibility and impact. Your commitment counts!

Find out about strikes in your vicinity and join us:
We, the Psychologists/Psychotherapists for Future, have created templates for T-shirts and banners. Download them at:
Enjoy creating your design!

You prefer taking part online? Here are your options:
- Fridays for Future's profile picture generator:
- Parents for Future's online strike:
- Join the strike on social media by using the hashtags: #NoMoreEmptyPromises and #FightFor1Point5
Furthermore, we would really appreciate it if you tagged @PsychologistsforFuture - so we can see your posts.
As an inspiration for the upcoming protest: That's what our strike on 24 April 2020 looked like.

We are looking forward to your participation!

Looking Back

BDP – Motto Climate & Psychology
The German Professional Association of Psychologists (Berufsverband Deutscher Psychologinnen und Psychologen, BDP) has issued "Climate & Psychology" as their motto for this year. To show the important contribution of our profession within the debate around climate change, the BDP has installed a working group with Dr Felix Peter from Psychologists/Psychotherapists for Future as one of its members. The BDP Expert Talk 2021 will address the topic "Climate & Psychology" as well. A first Expert Talk took place on 13 January 2021 with Psychologists/Psychotherapists for Future Dr Felix Peter and Pia Niessen. They discussed whether the concept of resilience is suitable to support individuals and society to cope adaptively with the threat of climate change and to what extent it might be useful or necessary to differentiate between adaptive and transformative (climate) resilience. A second Expert Talk on the subject "Ways out of the climate crisis - a question of psychology" took place on 3 February 2021. Here too, the speakers were fellow Psychologists/Psychotherapists for Future: Anke Hoffmann and Dr Steffen Landgraf. The BDP journal "Report Psychologie" will address the topic as well. For more information, please visit: (in German).

What's new? What's Coming up?

The year 2021 will be a critical year for the climate debate. We would like to make sure, through as many channels as possible, that the topic of climate justice can no longer be overlooked.

Psychologists/Psychotherapists for Future Support the Initiative "Klima-Mitbestimmung JETZT"
On 25 January the initiative "Klima-Mitbestimmung JETZT" has presented a petition for a citizens’ assembly with 70.000 signatories to the Bundestag's Petition Commission. The hearing lasted for one hour in which the initiative presented arguments for more co-determination in climate policy. They stressed the point that there is no time to be lost and that a citizen's assembly should take place before the next Bundestag elections. The members of the Petition Commission signaled openness for the issue, especially members from SPD, Left, The Greens and FDP endorsed the idea of more co-determination in climate protection. Now, it is up to the politicians to give proof of their will to strengthen democracy and a fair climate policy in the upcoming consultancy. A recording of the hearing and further information are available at: (in German).

Climate in Your Head - the Psychologists/Psychotherapists for Future Podcast
We will launch our own podcast in spring; our first episode is already in the can. In our first season we will deal with the following topics in 11 episodes:
- Throwing light on important processes pertaining to problem awareness
- Creating an understanding for the role of emotions, values, and needs in the climate crisis
- Facilitating motivation and agency
- Strategies of self-care (in association with climate related stress and anxiety)
We will keep you updated about our launch date and how to access our podcast.

Psychologists/Psychotherapists for Future Will Become a Registered Association
We will become a registered association in the near future. This will allow us to put our work onto a sound basis. Every colleague who is active for Psychologists/Psychotherapists for Future will be able to become an active member of the association, everybody else can become a supporting member. Additionally, both individual persons and legal entities can become donors. Every small donations helps us a lot. With your donation you support, for example, our digital infrastructure, the provision of sustainably produced information material, and a tool for our planned consultation-hours via telephone to support climate activists more extensively.
If you do not want to wait with your donation until our registration process is complete, you can donate through Donate for Future in the meanwhile. Your donation for Psychologists/Psychotherapists for Future is tax-deductible. You can support us here:

Donate For Future e.V.
IBAN: DE27430609672079519700

PLEASE NOTE: It is important to specify "Psychologists4Future" as reason for transfer.
If you need a donation receipt, please enter Psy4F and your name and address as reason for transfer.

Counseling on Veganism
Vegans for Future and Psychologists/Psychotherapists for Future are now offering individual counseling for vegans, people interested in becoming vegan, and animal rights activists. The counseling sessions are free of charge and include hands-on advice for vegan living.
We are looking forward to your message to:
Facebook group:

Sustainable Activism
In November 2020, the initiative tiefgrün and Psychologists/Psychotherapists for Future's regional group Trier co-founded a Facebook group for an exchange on the topic of sustainable activism within the climate movement:

Mindful Activism
We offer an open group for "Mindful Activism" which meets online to meditate and to swap ideas on mindfulness as activists. The next meetings of the mindfulness group will be on: Monday, 15 March and 29 March (bi-weekly rhythm), always at 7 p.m. Invitation through (or for people who do not use Telegram).

Do you Already Know...

...the Newsletter Team?
To give you an insight into our multifaceted teams, we would like to present one of our teams, its members, and current projects in each of the upcoming newsletters. In all modesty, we are starting by introducing ourselves: the freshly founded (at the beginning of 2021!) Newsletter Team, currently consisting of Eva, Kat, Mareike, Sabine, Susanne, Sus, and Tillmann. Our current project is to establish the newsletter on a quarterly basis. Additionally, we are planning to send special mono-thematic newsletters, for example about the Bundestag elections, global climate strikes, and other relevant topics. We are also looking forward to your contributions (events, reports, etc.).
You can reach us at:

How can I Become Active Myself?

The Quickest Way: Spread the Word!
Climate justice will become all the more relevant to political players the more citizens pick up on the topic. Use your social media accounts and share or like our contents to make them available to your friends:

I Want More!
You are a psychologist, psychotherapist, or psychology student and would like to become active within Psychologists/Psychotherapists for Future? Get in touch with us! We offer on-boarding meetings nearly every month: always on Sundays, always online, always from 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
The dates for 2021 are: 11 April, 23 May, 4 July, 15 August, 26 September, 7 November, 19 December.
To register for an on-boarding meeting and to receive the Zoom link for it, please send a message to, Please feel free to share this information with interested persons.
To get a first overview of our structures and the possibilities to contribute, please visit:
If you would like to contribute to on of our topics or join a trans-regional team, please contact us at

What Does That Mean in Practice?
Currently, the following teams are searching for new members in the following areas of expertise:

  • The Fundraising Team is looking for support. The process of registering as an association is almost complete. Thus, we will soon be able to receive donations directly and to file grant applications. You will get to know other inspiring initiatives, help us to network, and apply positive climate communication to support Psychologists/Psychotherapists for Future on it's exciting path forward.
  • The Podcast Team is happy to admit new members. It is possible to contribute to contents only (as the work on contents and the role of podcast presenter can be separated rather easily).
If you are interested, please get in touch with our Office Team at