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Dear newsletter subscribers,

The time has come: federal elections and the global climate strike have just been around the corner. People around the world took to the streets. And rightfully so. According to the latest world climate report, global warming of 1.5 degrees is already threatening in 2030 - ten years earlier than previously forecast. We hope you were there - on September 24 and 26 - and gave the climate your vote! Making the election a climate election.
We are - and will remain - loud, active, creative, visible and audible. It is tremendous what news we can report, what we did, what is going on and what our plans are. There even have some great "firsts" to report. Be excited...
Something should already be revealed at this point: We are getting more and more. An incredible 30 to 40 (!) new faces joined us at each of the recent on-boarding meetings. This is overwhelming! Would you like to get to know us and find out how you can get involved? The next opportunity to do so is on Sunday, November 7 - you can find more details about this and other opportunities to get active at the very end of this newsletter.
And what else? Read for yourself:

What happened?

Our first federal congress took place from September 3 to 5, 2021 in Dresden. Despite the railway strike, more than 80 Psy4F came together, which you can see in the group photo at the beginning of the newsletter. There were presentations and workshops covering a wide range of our topics from environmental psychology research, activism, therapeutic action options, and dealing emotionally with the climate crisis. It also gave us the opportunity to share ideas within and across our teams and regional groups. We had a great atmosphere throughout the weekend and were very grateful to finally get to know each other outside of Zoom meetings. Our big thanks go to the terrific organizing team that made this meeting possible. You can read the final declaration of the federal congress here (in German).

We have written a book. The collection "Climate Action - Psychologie der Klimakrise" (in German) deals with barriers to action and opportunities for action. Many Psy4F have contributed to it and have written down their knowledge in an easy-to-read way. The editors are also all Psy4F: Lea Dohm, Dr. Felix Peter and Katharina van Bronswijk. After the first edition was sold out within a very short time, it is now fortunately available for order again. You can get it in local bookstores as well as directly from Psychosozialverlag.

The Podcast Team has released the first episodes of the podcast "Klima im Kopf" (in German). Among other things, it explores the question of what a fulfilling and sustainable life can look like. You can listen to the episodes here, among other places.

A good example of successful cooperation between various "for Future" groups is the new waiting room magazine "Genug gewartet" ("Waited enough") by Grandparents and Parents for Future, which is intended to specifically address the target group of over-sixty-year-olds in practices and pharmacies. From Psy4F co-editor Bianca Rodenstein as well as our Communications and Press Teams were involved in an advisory and supportive capacity. Here you can admire the magazine (in German).

We were present at the Central Climate Strike on August 13, 2021 in Frankfurt/Main. A special focus was on the financial sector and how it is driving the climate crisis through climate-damaging investments. Psy4F Katharina van Bronswijk gave a speech at the strike about how a socio-ecological transformation can succeed. You can find it here (in German).

From August 16 to 21, the August RiseUp took place in Berlin with more than 50 groups, which tried to draw attention to the climate crisis with numerous colorful actions and civil disobedience. We supported and accompanied the participants with therapeutic expertise. In addition, under the leadership of Jan Frehse, together with the XR Bergedorf, we addressed the German government directly in a creative action in front of the Reichstag to hand over a "Schlüssel der Zukunft" ("Key to the Future"). You can find a photo of it at the end of this newsletter. You can watch the impressive speeches and the performance of the Red Rebels here (in German).

The first Citizens' Council on Climate has finished and has issued its recommendations. 160 randomly and representatively selected people have produced a citizens' report in 12 meetings under expert advice. Psy4F supports this great project of Scientists for Future. Check out the website for more information and the resulting report (in German). Small spoiler: This gives a clear mandate to policy makers to continue to pursue a course of action to limit global warming to 1.5°C to "ensure the preservation of the livelihoods of all people."

Health for Future held a week of action on health and climate change in which we were involved. Among other things, a "climate recipe" was carried from Charité to Bundestag. You can find all information about the campaign here (in German).

The "For Future Alliance" has a new website. There you can get an overview of the different (local) groups active in Germany with the help of thematic searches, group descriptions and a map (in German).

We were present at the Hamburg Climate Week. In addition to an information booth and workshops, there was also a discussion group and a short introduction to the psychological knowledge of dealing emotionally with the climate crisis by Psy4F Katharina van Bronswijk. The workshop participants dived into the question of how to use these feelings profitably for themselves.

What is coming up? What is new?

Particularly interesting for accredited colleagues: There are accredited trainings, among others by Psy4F lecturers, on the topic of psychology and climate crisis, for example at the DPtV and DGVT. A sign of how much the connection between climate crisis and the psyche has now arrived within our profession! And a wonderful opportunity to earn continuing education credits as well as to deepen your own knowledge of the topic and reflect your own role. You can always find current events on our homepage (in German).

As Psy4F, we are involved in the "Planetary Health & transformative change" research initiative, which aims to find out which factors promote climate engagement. For this purpose, the Public Climate School in fall will be scientifically accompanied. The project will be carried out by representatives from science and the climate movement. As a long-term goal, the establishment of a research platform is planned, which will scientifically accompany and support the climate movement.

Psy4F in the media (in German)

Climate anxiety in children
The Nano television program featured an interview with Psy4F Katharina van Bronswijk about the largest scientific study to date regarding climate anxiety among children and adolescents. The study explored how government action on climate change is linked to widespread psychological anxiety among young people worldwide.

Study on climate anxiety among young people
Interview with Psy4F Dr. Felix Peter on Deutschlandfunk about the newly published study, which for the first time suggests a correlative relationship between policy inaction and psychological distress among children & youth (worldwide, global North and South).

Switching from the habitual - Climate crisis: In which phase are you?
Article at ZDFheute about analogies between mourning phases and becoming aware of the climate crisis with quotes from Prof. Dr. Myriam Bechtoldt.

The climate crisis is not just another problem on the stage. It threatens the entire stage.
By Sara Schurmann and Lea Dohm, an excerpt from our book Climate Action - Psychologie der Klimakrise.

How we resist perceiving the climate crisis - and how the zeitgeist helps us do it
By Psy4F Delaram Habibi-Kohlen, also an excerpt from our book.

Climate crisis: When the summer lost its innocence
Article in ZEIT Magazin (Paywall) with quotes from Dr. Felix Peter and Prof. Dr. Myriam Bechtoldt.

Speaking time: floods, heatwave summer, climate crisis
Katharina van Bronswijk as a guest on NDR Info from 29th July 2021.

The pilot who doesn't want to fly anymore: how sustainable is aviation?
rnd podcast with Lea Dohm on flight shame.

Climate stress: Helplessness, disappointment and anger.
Radio report at M94.5 with Dr. Felix Peter and Dr. Steffen Landgraf

Do you already know...

...the regional group Hannover?
The regional group Hannover is active since the foundation of Psy4F, consists of about 25 members, is closely networking with numerous "For Future" organisations as well as Omas gegen Rechts (Grandmothers against right-wing extremism), Extinction Rebellion and Greenpeace, and together they are very successful. What can be achieved is impressively shown by the project "Hannover erneuerbar" (Hannover renewable), where Jennifer Browne from Psy4F was in charge of the negotiations. A citizen's petition led to a compromise with the city and energy provider on July 15, 2021. This council resolution set the targeted phase-out of coal combustion at the Hannover-Stöcken power plant block by block for 2024 and 2026. Furthermore, the regional group supports Fridays for Future at their climate camp "We will stay until you act" in front of the city hall, the Moorgruppe, which fights for the preservation and use of the special regional landscape, HannovAIR for clean air, fair mobility and against the expansion of the southern expressway, as well as the project Kirche erneuerbar (church renewable) of Christians for Future to move churches towards more climate protection.
You live in the region? Then contact Monika ( from the regional group and join the monthly meetings.

How can I become active myself?

Invest three minutes and sign our petition (together with the Climate Psychology Alliance and Psychologists XR UK), which is addressed to the politicians at the World Climate Conference in Glasgow.

Keep checking our social media channels (it's worth it!), sharing or liking content to bring psychological knowledge about the climate crisis to broader populations and to reach as many people as possible. This will also make ideas from other "For Future" groups more visible and help us network better. You can find us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

Get a taste! Are you a psychologist, psychotherapist or studying psychology? Then join us at one of our on-boarding meetings. There you will meet colleagues who are also interested in the topic and who, just like you, would like to find out how to get involved. On November 7 and December 19, 2021, from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., you will have the opportunity to meet like-minded people, ask questions and have an initial point of contact - even if it is only virtual. Personal contacts are then made possible by the numerous regional groups that have been established. Just write an email to We look forward to meeting you!

And more precisely?

The Support Team is approached for individual consultations on a regular basis and is happy to expand the team. In order to ensure a minimum standard in counseling, it has been agreed that people who take on individual counseling must at least have a master's degree/diploma or have started or completed therapy training with a license to practice. If you don't have this (yet), but would like to do counseling and already have counseling experience, please contact the team anyway to discuss participation opportunities (

The Social Media Team is looking for reinforcements for its channels on Twitter and Instagram. The work is done collaboratively and publications follow the 4-eyes-principle, so that newcomers can join in easily. The following tasks await you: writing your own tweets on limited topics, processing application requests from other accounts, summarizing articles. Even if you don't have any relevant experience yet, you are welcome! Just write an email to

All other teams welcome support as well! The more we are, the more projects we can realize. A list of the areas in which we are active can be found here. Nothing for you? Then get in touch with a new idea!