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Dear newsletter subscribers,

It is June and summer is moving into the country. We can hope with some confidence that the deepest depths of the Corona crisis have been passed and that the current positive trends are stabilizing. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the climate crisis. Nevertheless, there is also positive news to report here: At the end of March, the German Federal Constitutional Court found that the provisions of the 2019 Climate Protection Act are incompatible with the fundamental rights. The German government is therefore forced to make improvements; the roadmap it has drafted to comply with the Paris climate agreement is not legitimate. The government has already drafted a new "Klimapakt Deutschland," but even that is insufficient to stay below the 1.5 degree limit. On 25th June the Bundestag wants to decide on this new draft, until then we still have the opportunity to make our dissatisfaction heard. The climate movement has reached a milestone, but now is not the time to rest on it. And we are not going to, as you can read below.

What happened?

On 27th April 2021 Psy4F celebrated its second birthday! Founded in 2019, more than 1000 psychologists and psychotherapists are now involved with Psy4F in over 60 regional and working groups in Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Austria, Slovakia and the Netherlands. Many thanks to the Team Birthday Party, which managed to create a truly festive atmosphere online as well. In addition to kitchen discussions and joint game rounds, there was even the opportunity to dance!

We recently reached 10.000 followers of our Twitter channel, and our other social media channels are also growing continuously: On Instagram we now have more than 3.500 followers, on Facebook almost 2.000 and on Youtube about 500. Subscribe to these channels to stay up to date, like and share the posts to spread awareness of the climate crisis even further into society. Or even better, join one of our social media teams, support is always welcome (see below).

Members of Psy4F gave a presentation at the Global Just Recovery Gathering of In mid-April, Christoph Hausmann and Katharina van Bronswijk of Psy4F had the opportunity to share aspects of mental health related to the climate crisis with an international audience. 150 people from a wide range of countries, such as Belgium, the USA and the Philippines, participated. Thus, it was a special challenge to be able to respond to all participants with their diverse perspectives and different levels of concern. Lively discussions took place in the chat. The presentation was not only an enriching international experience, but also advanced our networking. Subsequently, colleagues from Slovakia joined the Psy4F network. A recording of the workshop can be seen here.

We are part of an Erasmus project: The project Psychology and Climate Change - Digital Education (PSYCLIC) is funded by the European Union within the Erasmus+ Capacity Building in Higher Education Programs. Together with the universities of Saarland, Groningen and Barcelona as well as the Lithuanian start-up UAB LearnKey, psychology students will learn about the content and methods of psychology in the context of the climate crisis in digital courses in order to subsequently apply their knowledge in practice. Students will not only gain theoretical knowledge about environmental and social psychological aspects of the climate crisis, but will also directly experience the relevance of psychological knowledge for climate protection work through this hands-on training. Lastly, the project consortium will create a digital toolkit that climate protection groups and NGOs can also use as a self-help tool in their work and organization. More info here.

What is coming up? What is new?

Psy4F publishes a book with Psychosozial-Verlag: Climate Action - Psychologie der Klimakrise - Handlungshemmnisse und Handlungsmöglichkeiten. The editors are Lea Dohm, Felix Peter and Katharina van Bronswijk. On approx. 400 pages it deals with the question, why we often see a lack of success when it comes to initiating and acting on urgently needed mitigation measures with regard to the climate crisis. The authors shed light on obstacles that stand in the way of a productive look into the crisis from a psychological and interdisciplinary perspective. They offer inspiration for dealing with the challenges of the climate crisis and present basic ideas for constructive and collective action. In doing so, they think individual action on a societal level and show that anyone can be effective in the climate crisis and remain healthy in the process. The book will be published by Psychosozial-Verlag in August.

The 1st national meeting of Psy4F will take place from 3rd till 5th September 2021 in Dresden. The three speakers Prof. Immo Fritsche, Prof. Gerhard Reese and Katja Diehl will each give a keynote speech and participate in the subsequent discussion. Moreover, the topic of self-care will also be on the agenda.

For-Future-Alliance: On the website of the For-Future-Alliance (in German) you can get an overview of currently about 40 "For Future" initiatives in Germany - and hopefully find the right one for you. The groups are as diverse as their creators, ranging from Scientists to Petitions to Schwarm for Future. Psy4F are of course also represented. We are all united by the intention to support Fridays for Future. As a newbee or already active member, you can find out what's currently happening in the various initiatives via the Alliance's info channel on Telegram.

Discussion Café: Psy4F members now have the opportunity to exchange ideas on a previously agreed topic via video conference once a month in the relaxed setting of the Discussion Café.The discussion rounds organized by the newly founded Strategy Process Team are intended to facilitate a cross-team exchange on Psy4F-relevant issues. For example, there have already been discussions about Psy4F's attitude towards civil disobedience and about Psy4F's non-partisanship and self-image.

Psy4F in the media (in German)

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Lea Dohm as a guest on Climaware Podcast

Anxiety can be meaningful.
Article with Stefanie Pausch in the Stuttgarter Zeitung from 1st March 2021

The climate crisis is a psychological crisis too.
Interview with Katharina van Bronswijk and Lea Dohm at the Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland

Portrait of Lea Dohm.
The Tagesspiegel has portrayed our co-founder Lea Dohm

Fear of climate change - how psychologists want to help.
Feature of RBB Inforadio with Felix Peter

Psychological strategies for a more climate-friendly life.
Interview with Katharina van Bronswijk at

Psychologist says: This is why we should be afraid of climate change.
Interview with Katharina van Bronswijk at RTL

Climate anxiety? Yes, please!
A position by Malte Klar in the Tagesspiegel

Do you already know...

...the Podcast Team?
Founded in spring 2020, the Podcast Team has invested a lot of energy and drive in planning and implementing the Psy4F podcast "Klima im Kopf" (in German) over the past year. A truly time-consuming undertaking that the team members have dedicated themselves to. Fortunately, they were able to draw on a lot of useful experience in the team: from radio moderation to jazz singing to audio book narration - the members' sideline activities show that we can look forward to a competent podcast worth listening to! Among other things, it explores the question of what a life that is both fulfilling and sustainable can look like. In about a month, the first episode will be available on various platforms (including Spotify, Apple Podcast, Psy4F website). Further episodes will then appear weekly or biweekly. Have you become curious? Then just listen to it in July!

How can I become active myself?

Fastest: Spread the word!
The more citizens take up the issue, the more relevant climate justice becomes for political actors. Use your social media accounts and share or like our content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Youtube, so that it becomes accessible to your friends as well.

I want more!
If you want to get actively involved, get in touch with us.
There are onboarding meeting (in German) almost every month: Always Sundays, always online, always 11:00 am to 12:30 pm. For all those who want to become active with us or who want to get oriented, here are the next dates:
4th July / 15th August / 26th September / 7th November / 19th December
To register, please send a short e-mail to, and we will send you the Zoom link for the corresponding date. And of course you can also pass on the dates to other interested people. You can get a first overview of our structures and the possibilities of collaboration here.
If you would like to contribute to on of our topics or join a trans-regional team, please contact us at
We are looking forward to you!

What does that mean in practice?
Our teams have an acute need for support in the following areas. Maybe there is something that appeals to you and/or corresponds to your expertise:
  • The Homepage Team is looking for people who enjoy structuring content and/or have know-how in the areas of IT and multimedia psychology.
  • The Podcast Team is looking for helpers with experience or interest in the publication of podcasts on suitable platforms.
  • The Newsletter Team is looking for reinforcement in gathering information and writing short newsletter articles.
  • To ensure that our social media channels continue to be so successful, all sections of the Social Media Team, i.e. Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, are always happy to welcome creative and committed new recruits.
  • The AntiRacism Team welcomes help in designing an awareness process: exchange within teams / regional groups, designing small inputs, finding suitable articles or videos, organizing workshops or discussion formats and networking with the AntiRa climate movement.
  • The Strategy Process Team welcomes support in organizing the discussion cafés.
  • The Communication Team is looking forward to volunteers with expertise in communication psychology.
  • The Self-Organization Team is looking forward to people with experience in the fields of work and organizational psychology, self-organization and sociocracy, organizational development as well as change management.
  • The Support Team is happy to have mediators.
If you are interested, please contact the Office Team at