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Dear reader,

It feels surreal to go through your daily routine while parts of your mind are occupied with war and refugees, with our dangerous dependence on fossil fuels, or with the new IPCC report which calls for swift action, now more explicitly than ever. We can’t dismiss all that, nor do we want to. However, today we would like to invite you to take your eyes off the big political stage and instead look ‚inward‘ - to come with us on a little tour behind the scenes of Psy4F.
Demobanner Gemeinsames Problem
How do we work as a community? What creative ideas do we have for the oncoming climate strike, among other things? How do we change by using our individual skills and growing them in the process? Can soft-spoken psychologists learn to use their voices and be heard? By now our activities are too broad to showcase them entirely, but have fun exploring this multifaceted exhibit.

Looking back

Our first joint rally with the Red Rebels took place on February 2nd, 2022. This protest in Münster in front of the Oberverwaltungsgericht (administrative court) was aimed at the preservation of the village Lützerath. This impactfully demonstrates how different people’s ideas and concerns can come together to affect public change. Remarkable: The Psy4F involved connected cross-regionally and traveled to Münster from all over. You can watch their speeches here.
We are now a registered association. You can become a member, presumably starting this April! Finally, after many hours of working hard to join our wonderful grassroots movement with the (not quite as wonderful and very German) law on registered associations, this February we succeeded. We had to formulate a statute, hold an initial meeting, vote for an executive board, and puzzle over many questions. What’s more, now we have an awesome donations tool on our website. Our admins are still quite busy dealing with insurance, taxes, software to manage members and passwords, and figuring out how to design future elections.
Behind the scenes, people are still hashing out new talks and workshops. We can gather the knowledge of the crowd for any given subject, and templates have been generously provided for other Psy4F to use. In spite of all the support, you may quickly leave your comfort zone, only to realize after the presentation that the response is overwhelmingly positive. Don’t miss the opportunity to watch two of our most recent presentations: we are proud to present our first TEDx-Talk "How your climate emotions can save the world" and “From Knowledge to Action” (in German) you get a lot of advice on how to get involved. Do you prefer to be there in person and know German (or know somebody who does and might be interested)? A few Psy4F are among those giving climate-fitness classes at adult education centers.
TEDx_Katharina Van Bronswijk
Logo Podcast
Illustrator: Jai Wanigesinghe
A good way to reach people over the age of 60 with the subject of climate is the waiting room journal „Genug gewartet“ („enough waiting“) issued by Grandparents and Parents for Future. Several For Future Groups contributed, including us. Now the aim is to get this in as many waiting rooms as possible. No more waiting: you can download or order the second issue here and distribute it to doctor’s offices.
Podcast lovers listen up: Our Psy4F-Podcast “Klima im Kopf” (Climate on the Mind) is back with a second season! Every other Wednesday we take a psychological look at a different exciting topic around sustainability. We talk about transport and consumption and answer questions like “how can we make sustainable decisions” and “what is the ecological handprint?”. Give us a listen and share the episodes with your friends, family, and colleagues. We are always happy to welcome new listeners! Find us where ever you listen to podcasts or on
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Reflecting on ourselves: The anti-racism committee wants to raise awareness among the Psy4F for the social dimension of the climate crisis. There have been two projects in 2022 already. One was an input about climate justice and critical whiteness. This was stimulating to an extent that the time allotted for discussion did not suffice. So, the participants met again to critically engage with their own whiteness and to become aware of their privilege and their role in the climate justice debate. The other venture was a group that read the book Exit Racism by Tupoka Ogette and discussed it together in four sessions this January and February.

Looking ahead

We need you for the Global Climate March.
Become a part of the global climate march on March 25th. There are many ways to participate: By raising awareness in your social environment, by acting in the background and taking care of the posters, or by diving right into the middle of the march. To make huge projects like this happen, we require a lot of helping hands. Check out this website to find any planned actions near you. You're very welcome to bring your friends and family along too! Last year, millions of people in over 90 countries simultaneously took to the streets. What role do we – the Psy4F - play as a small part of the for Future - Community in Germany? On a practical level, we are concerned with making the climate march a good/safe/comfortable place for everyone. Our Youth Committee for instance is developing recommendations for giving special consideration to children during marches. One of our main goals is to offer emotional support for activists in dealing with the climate crisis. This is more important than ever: the climate crisis is happening right now. But at the present moment, we are also still in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, and since a few weeks ago we have been severely occupied with the war in Ukraine. All these crises at once can be overwhelming, and that’s okay. It’s alright to feel sadness, despair, and anger. We want to encourage you to attend to these feelings. Take all these draining emotions and put them to action, the climate strike is the right place for them and for you. There, you join forces with others who face the same challenges. Experiencing this connection can be relieving and helpful in gaining new strength to persevere through it all together. Whatever your emotional situation on the day of the march is, just bring yourself and all your feelings and make a small, but valuable contribution to creating the change we so urgently need.
Save the date! From May 4th to 6th 2022 a nationwide congress on the topic of sustainability education is taking place (in German). As Psy4F, we will be represented there, offering a workshop and a panel discussion. Additionally, you will be able to attend keynote speeches and an education fair. For more information and registration, click here.
Save the date for our second national congress! It will take place on the first weekend in September (02.-04-09.2022). This time we are meeting in Augsburg to exchange input, network, and to hold interregional meetings. The highly motivated organizational committee just finished their search for suitable event locations that can host up to 100 people. Like last time, there will be a pleasant atmosphere, delicious catering and lots of opportunities to get connected. More information is soon to come, so keep an eye on our homepage.
Finally, after more than a year of preparation we are proud to announce that Conflict Mediation 4 Future is being launched! In cooperation with other initiatives like KURVE Wustrow and Werkstatt für Gewaltfreie Aktion Baden with support from the Movement Hub, they are offering support with the mediation of conflicts in climate groups. Competent and completely free of cost. If anyone would like to join: The official launch of the project featuring an introduction to the topic of conflict mediation will take place online on March 25th at 19:30 (in German). Registration via

Media Coverage of Psy4F

We are excited to become more represented in the media and found an article you might find interesting.
"From Covid to Ukraine: How do I explain it to my kids?" Felix Peter and Katharina van Bronswijk gave an interview to the German publicly funded international broadcaster Deutsche Welle. Find the English version here.
Sounds intriguing? For more information, you can check out our homepage and the German version of the newsletter.


...the Regional Group Düsseldorf.
In January 2022 our colleagues based in Düsseldorf created an exhibition on the topic “Nothing but the future” in collaboration with other local For Future – Groups. This so-called “OPEN SPACE” was situated in the art museum "K20" in Düsseldorf and featured posters from marches, information booths, and several artistic sculptures. Psy4F contributed flyers about defense mechanisms and an interactive exhibition piece. The piece on display was a scale with toy figures that invited people to explore social tipping points. The number of toys represented the population. The more toy figures were moved on the side of the scale labeled as “climate awareness” the more counterbalance they created for the other side of the scale labeled as “climate crisis”. The change of weights on the scale illustrated social mechanisms: when a sufficient amount of people in the population develop climate awareness, a social tipping point will be reached, from which onward drastic change and climate action will be possible. Especially children were drawn to the toy figures, which resulted in valuable discussions with their parents. The exhibition inspired interesting ideas for further projects and cooperation.
RG Düsseldorf K20 Open Space

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