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Psychologists/Psychotherapists for Future


Dear reader,

In the last issue we took you for a tour behind the scenes, however, this time we want to look beyond the horizon of our group. The Psy4F are not the only ones working on exciting projects. The best ideas and the greatest accomplishments arise from collaborations with others. We pool our knowledge and skills and benefit from diverse views. While most connections are with other for-Future groups, there are local cooperations with all kinds of different climate activists. Together we once again achieved a lot, nationally and internationally.

There is passion, blood and sweat in every project - no matter how many people it reaches in the end. Again and again, we are inspired by the many creative ideas that are thought up and realized together. At the same time, we have to recognize that it is still not enough to reach climate justice and conserve nature. Too many jobs rest on too few shoulders.
Cooperation is an opportunity to support each other. Another way forward is winning more people to get involved in any way they can. If you are a psychologist or psychotherapist, you are invited to join us. If not, there is another for-Future group out there for you. Check out the over 40 groups here. You don’t need to have any previous knowledge or to be a paragon of sustainable living. Working together is a cure for resignation and feeling powerless. And - as you are about to read - it is often great fun and leads to a sense of achievement.

Looking back

We are founding members of the
Global PsyFuture Alliance!
Working hard at international networking paid off. Together with climate psychology groups from Europe, the USA and Australia as well as individual colleagues from around the world we founded the alliance Global PsyFuture - Global Climate Psychology for a Just Future. A logo, a website and a Twitter account are already in the works. Our first joint project was moderating an online panel on May 18 with colleagues from Ireland, Sweden and Italy for the European Public Health Week. You can watch this discussion titled “Current Perspectives in Climate Psychology & Psychotherapy“ on YouTube now.
Follow our Twitter or become active directly. Join our monthly Zoom meetings and take part in international exchange and collaboration. New members are always welcomed. Just email us at
Besides international collaboration, there is also a lot of networking within german-speaking areas. The cooperation with Scientists for Future (S4F) is especially prolific. Watch here starting at the 27-minute mark for a particularly successful demonstration. This video (German) of Lea Dohm, co-founder of Psy4F, commenting on the topic “The Climate Crisis is Now - Does Science Have to Speak Louder?” already has over 10,000 views. Prof. Sebastian Seiffert from the S4F also invited Prof. Harald Lesch, Özden Terli and Sara Schurmann to the podium. Lea was calling for more interdisciplinary cooperation in science. Her exclamation “band together” received much applause. We also want you to know that you don’t have to study something new. You can bring the skills you already possess to join the fight for climate justice, and the best way to do that is together.
Food-saving measures: On April 30th, the regional group Mayence together with foodsharing e.V. shone a spotlight on food waste. In Germany, we throw away 12 tonnes of food every year - a literally intangible amount. To make the amount palpable, participants collected all food items that would have been thrown away in the last 24 hours and presented them on the Gutenbergplatz in Mayence. The impressive amount of food weighing over 1000 Kilograms turned many heads. At our stand, we informed people about food waste and how it connects to the climate and climate psychology. Starting at 1 'o'clock, the food was handed out. This way, people could experience self-efficacy and save food from being wasted. What was left behind couldn’t even fill one trash can. Several interested politicians were among those visiting, and the project was covered in multiple publications. Further support came from SoLaWi (Community-supported agriculture), the Mitgliederladen Mayence (solidarity shop), and the Zapatistas. Another inspiring example that shows how diverse organizations with totally different roots can join their expertise to create a successful campaign with a lot of reach.
As mentioned before, we cooperate with the Scientists for Future (S4F) on a regular basis. In fact, we have begun working together once more. The S4F team “Business and Industry” now officially cooperates with our brand new supra-regional team “Economy Reset”. In this collaboration, the scientists share their invaluable insights to prepare our members for conversations with major business management boards. Based on the Carbon Majors Report, 70% of all greenhouse emissions in the world are accounted for by only 100 major companies. Therefore, we believe that engaging large corporations will result in a significant impact. As psychologists, we are able to communicate effectively and understand conflicting business objectives, the scientists, on the other hand, support us with their expert knowledge, the ability to comprehend sustainability reports as well as their understanding of complex business practices. Together, we hope to leverage the potential for savings in the industrial sector. If you’d like to support us with your knowledge and/or expertise, please reach out and e-mail us at!

In the last few years and months, we have worked together with various professional associations, chambers, and training institutes and have repeatedly brought our concerns to the table. For example, the BDP has now declared a #ClimateDecade for its association’s work over the next ten years. At the same time, the topics of climate and sustainability were also included in the newly adopted training regulations, and thus must be taken into account in the training of future psychotherapists. Further, on May 14, 2022, during the German Psychotherapists’ convention, a vote was passed in favor of a new formulation of the professional code of conduct. In the future, the tasks of psychotherapists will include participation "in the preservation and promotion of the ecological and sociocultural foundations of life with regard to the mental health of humans". Here, however, it is important to mention that this still has to be implemented by the individual state chambers. Again, we can become active here by targeting the individual chambers concerning this topic.
Gamification - Psychologists say: Play!
At the beginning of May, the first “Climate Game Congress” was held during the Berliner Energietage, an annual conference on the topic of energy transition (Energiewende) in Germany. At this conference, attendees explored how play and games - online or offline - can have an important role in climate communication and the impending energy transition. Armin, Stefanie, Janna, and Nats from Psy4F shared their insights during a presentation as well as at the following panel discussion. They even introduced a Psy4F game idea to the audience, opening up endless possibilities of how games could support the climate change movement in the future. Perhaps online as well as offline games might blossom into an exciting new medium for climate communication?
Connecting Psy4F and DGPPN
Since our last newsletter, the Psy4F connected with Dr. Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg, president of the DGPPN (German association for psychiatry and psychotherapy) and director of the Zentralinstitut für Seelische Gesundheit in Mannheim (Central Institute for Mental Health). During our exchange, we agreed on the importance of climate psychology/psychotherapy and explored possibilities to work together in the future.
As you can see, we love to get in touch with other professionals. If you know someone we should connect with, please send us a message at!
What else?
Wherever you look beyond the horizon, you can discover committed members of Psy4F.

On the Species Protection Day at Münster Zoo? We were there with an information stand.
At the VHS in Görlitz? We gave a lecture on the psychology of the climate crisis.
During the "klimafit" courses of the VHS nationwide? We were part of the team of lecturers.
During the for-future congress in Berlin? We led a workshop.
On the Rhineland-Palatinate Day? We were represented with a stand.

And this list could certainly be continued! But we are only strong if we work as a team: We often collaborate with others from the for-future-family, here in the examples with Health4Future in Münster and Scientists for Future in Mainz.

Looking ahead

In the next few weeks and months, a number of books written by or contributed to by our members will be released. All of these (German) books can already be preordered:

Klimagefühle (L. Dohm, M. Schultze)
Klima im Kopf (K. van Bronswijk)
Climate Emotions
(K. van Bronswijk, C. Hausmann)
Klimakrise, sozialökologischer Kollaps und Klimagerechtigkeit
(T. Pfaff, B. Schramkowski, R. Lutz)
Our federal congress 2022
At Psy4F we love to network! Since most of us don’t know many members in person, our federal congress in Augsburg on September 2 until 4 will be a wonderful opportunity to mix and mingle. We look forward to many exciting presentations, workshops and the possibility to get to know one another closer.
The congress starts on Friday afternoon with a joint campaign and ends with a get together at the Grandhotel Cosmopolis; there we can celebrate, chat and also network. On Saturday, everyone can attend various presentations, join workshops or meet up in their supra-regional teams. The evening can be spent either at our Discussion café or by going on a guided tour of Augsburg. Finally, on the last day of our federal congress, we’ll have one last opportunity to swap ideas and/or to attend workshops on self-care. Our organizational team can’t wait for lots of sign-ups to come in!

Want to join? As a member of Psy4F you can sign up for our federal congress! You’ll find out the password in our Signal group.


…our Online Editorial Team
Hey! We are the Psy4F Online Editorial team. We keep the Psy4F website up to date, in German as well as in English. Aside from updating our website regularly, we publish all kinds of environmental psychology news or explain topic-related concepts. On German turf, we help our regional and supra-regional teams to connect, but we also play a role in representing Psy4F outside of Germany’s borders. Our group gets together every four weeks, and we’re always excited to see new faces! Especially now, since we are restructuring the group, we welcome newcomers to join us. So, if you’re interested in science communication and public relations, and you’d like to support us by reviewing existing articles, maintaining our website, or writing new content, feel free to get in touch with Maren or Sophie at to join our next meeting. We look forward to seeing you there!

How can I get involved?

If you’ve made it this far in our newsletter, you’re probably wondering what YOU can do to become active and/or support us. We have listed a couple of options below, feel free to pick the one you feel the most comfortable with!
Support us with a donation - although all Psy4F work as volunteers, our public campaigns cost money. As a non-profit association, we can even send you a receipt for your donation. We thank you if you’re considering to donate!
Illustrator: Jai Wanigesinghe
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Join us. The number of ideas is endless, but the time available is limited. So we would love it if you'd share your time and thoughts/ideas with us. To do so, you can join one of our regular Onboarding sessions where you can get all of your questions answered and find out about Psy4F teams that are currently looking for support. The next Onboarding sessions are on 24.07., 18.09. and 16.10. from 11:00 to 12:30 (CET). Prior to the online session, make sure to e-mail us at to sign up. Please mention your name, location as well as a bit of information about your job/studies in your message. Afterward, you’ll receive the Zoom link to the event. We look forward to seeing you there!

You want more? For more information about how to get involved, check out the German version of this newsletter or visit our website.

Finally, we want to call attention to an open letter by Health for Future. If you’re working in the healthcare industry, feel free to sign it! Alongside personal letters to political representatives, petitions and open letters are very effective options to strengthen the movement toward climate equality.

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