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Dear colleagues,

Since you received our last newsletter, many things have happened: We have been going through an exhausting, moving and, for many of us, sad time – especially for those who have lost a person close to them to COVID-19. Our work has been turned upside down. By now, we have all become accustomed to meetings and events taking place online.


Online symposium „Climate Crisis – Societal Crisis” in cooperation with the German Society for Psychotherapists (DPtV)

Our symposium in cooperation with the German Society for Psychotherapists’ regional committee for Rhineland-Palatinate which had originally been planned for April had to be rescheduled, and finally there was no other option than to hold it online. Nonetheless, it turned out to be a highly successful event. It was moderated by Sabine Maur, chairwomen of the German Society for Psychotherapists’ regional committee for Rhineland-Palatinate.

The complete symposium can be watched on (in German). We also recommend the very impressive Graphic Recording of the symposium made by our colleague Jai Wanigesinghe.

Winner of the taz Panter Award in the category “Climate and Health”

We have been awarded the Panter price for moral courage by the taz Panter foundation and are very pleased about this recognition of our work. In her laudatory speech, taz’s health editor, Heike Haarhoff, gave the following reasons for the award: “Climate change makes us poorer and it makes us ill, but it does something else – it creates anxiety. Especially young people are anxious about their own future. Psychotherapists and psychologists have an important role in dealing with crises which are created by climate change.”!5728492/!171996/

Our press release about the award:

Psychologists for Future in the media

  • Verena Kantrowitsch had a conversation with Markus Tripp from the Climate Alliance Carinthia („Klimabündnis Kärnten“) about the climate crisis as a psychological issue. You can listen to the conversation (in German) on:
  • While not specifically about the climate crisis, it’s still highly relevant today: Katharina van Bronswijk collected information about conspiracy myths and talks about her insights in this video: (in German)
  • The German television broadcaster ZDF has produced a short and nice piece about one of our conversation circles – led by Malte Klar. Those who want to get some insight into our work with climate activists, can watch the feature (in German) here: (By the way, our new „Webinar Team“ has raised 1,000,- € to support further webinars. If you are interested in joining our efforts please contact our „Support Team“:
  • Our Press Team has been very active as well – which resulted in the following publications:

Join us!

During the COVID-19 pandemic one thing has become very clear: Without massive pressure from the general public, politics’ compass is not – as Svenja Schulze, Germany's Secretary of State for Environment, once led us to believe – firmly pointing towards sustainability. Instead, an outdated status quo is being preserved by all means. After we were fortunately spared a new car scrapping scheme, we have been bitterly disappointed shortly afterwards: The coal phase-out has been regulated – against most of the recommendations by the coal commission, it will not take place before 2038 though and the coal industry will receive subsidies in the billions. Many experts see this law as an artificial delay of the coal phase-out. In any case: 2038 is too late – and incompatible with the 1.5 degree target.

What we are trying to say is: We need you! If you are already playing with the idea of joining us, this is a good time to do it. Even if you have not played with the idea yet, you should start thinking about it now because politics refuse to take responsibility for the future. It is up to us – including psychologists and psychotherapists – to remind them what is at stake.

Further news at a glance

Support the European Citizens‘ Initiative (ECI)

We call on the European Commission to strengthen action on the climate emergency in line with the 1.5° warming limit. This means more ambitious climate goals and financial support for climate action. Please support this initiative with your signature and spread the word:

Cooperation with Health for Future

We are happy that our cooperation with Health for Future has intensified over the last few months. Psy4F’s regional group Aachen participated in a “Beat the Heat” rally organized by Health for Future and Fridays for Future. To get an impression, watch this video:

Furthermore, Katharina van Bronswijk, in her capacity as spokesperson for Psychologists / Psychotherapists for Future, met with Eckart von Hirschhausen for an interview. You can watch the interview (in German) as part of his podcast "Hirschhausen zu Haus". (Mental) Health will be an even more important topic in the future, covering many different areas: Climate change will increasingly have an impact on our health. In our latitudes we can already clearly see its effects during heat waves and periods of drought. Likewise, climate action will have considerable positive effects on our health. This is why we are excited about this important cooperation.

Updates from our regional groups

By now we have more than 30 regional groups. In this newsletter we are looking to Freiburg: In Freiburg, Verena and Anna offered a 4-hours Zoom workshop on “Climate crisis in psychotherapy for psychotherapists”. The climate crisis seems particularly important for psychotherapists since it has significant influences on mental health – several studies show a connection between climate change and psychological strain (APA, 2017: The workshop provided an opportunity to get talking about how dealing with the climate crisis affects people and what we can learn from this as psychotherapists to develop our own attitude to this topic. Furthermore, the following questions were discussed: How can we deal with climate related psychological strain in psychotherapy? When is it helpful to make a diagnosis and when not? How can we foster climate resilience? The participants were highly motivated and interested in the topic. It is being considered to offer the workshop again.

For more information, please contact:

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