Support for committed people

Our thanks go to those who, in the face of the climate crisis, do not look away but get involved. As a thank you and for your support, activists will find the following support:

Tips & offers on this page

  •  our free consulting service
  • webinars, workshops, lectures
  • handouts, tips & links on topics such as resilience, self-care, mindfulness, coaching and dealing with conflicts
  • further information about our support.

Our free counselling

Activists sometimes wait too long until seeking support. So please feel free to get in touch with us – even before you feel burnt out.

We are happy to receive small and large enquiries and have sufficient capacity. We will arrange a counselling for you, which can be about a variety of things:

  •  I have problem X – what can I do?
  • I have goal Y – how can I achieve it?
  • Do I need psychotherapy?
  • How do I find a therapy? (For Germany visit for more information about this)

For counselling requests you can send us an email to:

If you do not receive an answer within 48h on working days, please contact

If you prefer a counelling on site please contact the regional group near you

Webinars, Workshops & Lectures

We offer webinars on topics such as sustainable activism, mindfulness and the emotional handling of the climate crisis. Here you will be informed about the next webinar: (telegram channel).

In some places we can also offer workshops for you, e.g. on sustainable activism (self-care, stress management, burnout prevention, mindfulness) or discussion groups to support the emotional processing of the climate crisis.

We are happy to offer further topics for workshops or lectures that interest you on request.

Handouts, Tips & LINKS

Climate resilience – for an emotional approach to the climate crisis

The following strategies have already helped many committed people not to despair of the climate crisis but to grow personally.


The 10 pillars of self-care promote your resilience to cope with stress. The better the pillars are positioned, the better they can support you. It is important to write down on the corresponding worksheet what works well for you already and what you want to develop. With the weekly schedule on the last page you can decide in advance how many hours you want to commit to activism and what you would like to do to compensate.


Mindfulness helps you to experience, shape and enjoy your life more consciously. It is a very basic skill and art that we will briefly introduce to you in this handout. But more important than reading is regular practice. Here you can find guided meditations at Soundcloud (only in German for now) or in the App Insight Timer.

The smartphone is a central tool for many engaged people, but also a source of stress. It is a high art to use this tool exclusively in a meaningful way. Our worksheet (only available in German for now) on digital mindfulness should help you to handle the device more consciously.

Meditation does not always have to take place in a sitting position. A mindful walk can also be a valuable source of strength and connect you with yourself and nature.

Healthy sleep

Here you will find a compilation of the most important sleep tips to help you relax at night.

Collegial coaching

This handout explains how you can achieve your goals through regular interaction with a friend.

Burnout factors

In this worksheet (in German only for now) you will find suggestions on what you can do to counter your own burnout factors.

Dealing with conflicts

With this handout for non-violent communication (for now only in German) you can prepare difficult conversation situations in order to solve conflicts constructively.

If you have any questions regarding these suggestions, please contact

Emergency numbers & telephone counselling

You can find a list of emergency numbers in Germany for mental crises here.

If you are under psychological stress, you can also call here from Germany, around the clock:

  • Telephone counselling (chat also possible)
    +49 800 111 0 111 or 0800 111 0 222
    for Austria: 142
  • Number against sorrow (chat also possible)
    +49 800 111 0 550 (parents’ telephone)
    +49 800 111 0 333 (Children and young people’s telephone)

Book tips

The 6 minute diary – structured instructions for more well-being:

A good plan – calendar with reflection questions:


  • Tip for self-organisation: In order not to lose track of your political activism, apps for scheduling and task planning are helpful. It requires regular (daily) short time to maintain them. Watch short videos on how to use them best.
  • Most popular meditation app worldwide with timer and mostly free guided meditations:
  • Apps on depression & so-called mood tracker apps are helpful, but unfortunately only anonymous to a limited extent.

Retreats for Activits: If you need a timeout, you can check out this donation-based retreat option:

Further notes

Please do not hesitate to contact us. If you like, you can write few sentences about your situation in the email. You can also request our PGP key. Please include your place of residence in your email to us:

If we already have a colleague in your area in our network, we will put her in CC in our reply to you, so that s/he can contact you. S/he will be pre-informed about what you have written to us.

You can then decide together whether a meeting or a (video) phone call is possible or useful.

If we do not yet have a colleague in your area, we will arrange a (video) phone call in the same way.


Although our coaching services are free of charge, appointments should still be valued with commitment. For this reason, we would like you to compensate us for a ton of Co2 (= 23€, in case of a cancellations at short notice (<24h).

Quality Control

If there are any difficulties during your conversation with our therapists, please report them to We want you to be well supported and take your request seriously.

You are a therapist?

Therapists* who are interested in supporting us can contact us at