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Statement by Psychologists and Psychotherapists in response to the Protests for Increased Climate Protection

– #Psychologists4Future / #Psychotherapists4Future –

The current protests by the climate protection movement are consistent, distinct and well justified. A continued rapid warming of the earth threatens our natural existence as well as our physical and psychological integrity. It is an existential threat to mankind.

For many years various international psychological and medical authorities have researched the connections between climate change and psychology/psychotherapy. As early as 2008 the American Psychological Association already formed a „task force“. As a group of professionals we see it as our responsibility to bring in our expertise.

Based on scientific sources it is known that:

As psychologists and psychotherapists it is our duty to help people maintain their mental health, to cope with adversities and to support progress. The very existence and well-being of future generations is threatened and cannot be overcome without political action.

We all have a right to psychological well-being (Art. 25 Declaration of Human Rights, Art. 12 International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights).

The concerns of the protestors are justified and reasonable.

These concerns are based on established scientific data (compare Scientists4Future). The current measures to protect the climate and to conserve species, forests, oceans and soil are insufficient and have to be
expanded in a timely fashion.

As psychologists and psychotherapists we support and reinforce the demands of the Fridays-for-Future-Movement for more urgent and consistent action and for a fundamental political and social paradigm shift regarding climate. The goals set by the Paris Accord must be met.

We are recognizing our personal and professional responsibility and wish to increase pressure on the decision makers and motivate them toward more timely action.

Current status:
So far, 4.340 Psychologists and Psychotherapists from 22 countries have signed the Statement.
(Current status: 2020/02/07)